Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines day preview...

Oh how I love this family. Seriously. I met mommy (Ali) through a mutual friend (thanks Sarah!!!!). Not only did we become great friends, but she has become one of my most loyal clients. I often think her husband is going to hate me because she comes to see me so often for photos....
.....But he can't hate me, he gets along with my husband to well.

If you know Ali (AND Sarah for that matter), then you are extremely lucky to have them part of your life. They are amazing people...and they make amazing dates for desserts when you've had the most stressful days ever (by the way were due for one of those SOON!) and they don't judge you by the amount of calories you consume in one sitting on said dessert dates! What's not to love about these girls!

ANYWAY back to the photos and I will stop bragging about my amazing friends!

Ali contacted me...she had to have photos for Valentines Day. I know its one of her favorite holidays. Its Pink. Its full of LOVE. Its full of sweets. And its full of hearts. Whats not to love. 

We instantly thought up some great ideas for some Valentines day photos. 

ONE SMALL PROBLEM...they are kids. Do they every REALLY do what we plan on. But we did what we always do...we did what we could with what we had. I will say..Little Miss L didn't hate me this time :) She actually smiled on purpose! Anyway I really love this family. I love their kids...they are pretty much the best! Thanks for letting me capture some more cute memories with your cute little girls!

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  1. i heart you. sweets pronto! pictures priceless!