Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby "J" -I- Newborn photography

Oh baby "J". This was my first experience doing a shoot with a new born baby BOY. Oh is he cute. He was 2 1/2 weeks old when we did this shoot. And let me tell you...Baby "J" has amazing aim. I was pee'd on 3 times and we had a few issues during the shoot but it was soooo fun and the pictures turned out great. I hope you enjoy:

Friday, February 19, 2010

Marshall Family -I- Family photography

Do you remember the Marshalls Maternity session:

Well....Baby J Offically joined the family. What better time for BIG family get together for pictures?! I dont know what the actually count was on the amount of people at the house, but I think we have like 16?! maybe more, maybe less. It was a lot of fun. Here are a few of my favorites...

"M" Family...a few more...

I love this family. So I had to share a few more pictures......


My kids are obsessed with Bee's right now. Not a love, more of a hate toward bees if they are real. Every fly is a bee. Which can be interesting at times. Not fully sure why I found the need to share that but I did. I have been Soooo busy lately. Between my "8-5" job at the doctors office, my photography, being a mom of two girls and being a wife, I rarely have time to just SIT....sad thing...I LOVE IT! I have become more and more confident with each session. I have found that the past few sessions, I just shoot. I dont even think about what I am doing, its becoming almost second nature. I feel most at ease and comfortable when taking pictures, it has become a true outlet for me. I've started saving money from my sessions to upgrade. Its going to take awhile but I WILL own the D300 or D700.

With all this being said, since I have been BUSY AS A BEE, I have been neglecting my blogs. from my recent session will follow......

Monday, February 8, 2010

Dawn -I- Glendale, AZ portrait photography

Back in November (I think it was November) I did a maternity session with the Marshalls. Dawn has a new grandbaby. That's right the Marshalls had baby Joseph one week ago. Dawn came all the way from California to visit with the new baby and she was sweet enough to want to share some time for a mini session with me to get some photos of herself for her hubby. She was such a nice lady and I enjoyed her company a lot. Ok ladies can you believe she has 6 kids?! She looks great doesn't she! Dawn I hope both YOU and your husband enjoy the pictures!!! You're beautiful both inside AND out!!!

"M" Family -I- Glendale, AZ Family Photography

Meet the "M" Family. You may recognize little "M". Her name is London (oh how I love her name) and she was the subject of one of my first sessions! Mommy "M" is pregnant with another little girl, due in March. And London just turned 18 months. What better reasons to have a session?! I will post more pictures once mommy and Daddy approve. but for now...Enjoy these: