Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

I honestly don't think all men understand how important Mother's day is to moms (especially mothers of young children!). We work hard everyday to try and shape our children. We cook. We clean. Not saying men don't do it too, in fact, I have some girlfriends who don't cook (I still love you girls!) and my husband does A LOT for our kids but being a mom is A LOT of work all the time. We are maids, cooks, unpaid taxi drivers, and thats just to name a few...and most days it goes unnoticed by our children. Mother's day is OUR day to relax and its our day to feel appreciated for all we do!  I honestly THOUGHT that most men didn't think about Mother's day until the Friday before and they rush to the local store for a card and some candy? (sorry guys if this makes you mad, it was honestly what I thought, I had no clue!) Well I was proved way wrong this year.

On MARCH 23rd I received an email from Justin:

"Mothers day this year is May 8. Do you have any availability before then to do a session with Hank and me? It would be a surprise for Alexis"

SERIOUSLY? A month and a half before Mother's Day?! Told you I was proved wrong. I was so excited that Justin contacted me. We met at the Phoenix Art Museum. Justin and Hank had on matching outfits. Why the Art Museum? I later found out it was one of his wife's favorite places. HOW CUTE. So much thought into this. He planned this entire thing, bought outfits and managed to keep it all a secret for almost 2 months!

Alexis, he deserves MAJOR brownie points!!

I've known Justin since high school but this was my first time meeting Hank. Holy cuteness! He was to adorable and ALWAYS on the move. He wouldn't sit still for anything, BUT give him a cell phone with some music playing and that kid can boogie! AWE he was so cute. I can't wait to meet baby #2...coming VERY SOON!!!

Happy Mother's day Alexis (and all the other mommies out there) and job well done Justin!!!!