Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jessica -I- Boudoir photography

Seriously, this was such a fun session. It was my very first attempt at boudoir and I am so happy Jessica was my first client. She is so outgoing and made it fun. I had visioned my first boudoir session having a tutu. Don't ask me why. But I thought a cute, short, sexy, flirty AND black tutu would be so fun. Why buy one when you can make one? So I made my first tutu for my first boudoir session. Jessica worked that tutu. She loved it and had a hard time taking it off. I definitely see more tutus in the future!!

I had so many fantastic pictures and I wish I could share more, BUT some are a little more then Jessica would like to show the world wide web...sorry. If you want to see some classy yet sexy photos, then book your own session :)

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