Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Life has been crazy...

Not in my wildest dreams did I image I would pick up a camera and fall in love with photography the way I did. EVEN MORE, not in my wildest dreams did I image so many people would fall in love with MY photography. I love it. I have been soooooooo busy with it. I still have my 8-5 job. BUT someday I hope that I can do photography full time. For now I am saving and investing my photography money on my business. I bought a new website..have you seen it?

Photography By April Smith

I ordered new business cards!

AND I bought a new camera and lenses. (D300s and I love her!!) and my husband surprised me by buying me my dream camera bag...Meet Belle

My time has not been busy JUST spending!!! I HAVE BEEN SO BUSY with photo sessions, working on the website, NOT updating my blog (SORRY...i'm fired!) did I mention raising two young kids, plus taking care of my husband and the house. I wouldnt trade it all in for anything!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

I will try and get some of my most recent sessions uploaded later today and tomorrow.

And a special congratulations goes out to Ali, Asaf and London who welcomed baby Berlin and to Tabatha and Justin who welcomed baby Savanna (there maternity pictures will be posted soon...so cute!)

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  1. I'll be checking back to see those new photo sessions. I'm sure they will be great. P.S. That bag is wonderful- you could pass it off as a purse and no one would even know