Friday, February 19, 2010


My kids are obsessed with Bee's right now. Not a love, more of a hate toward bees if they are real. Every fly is a bee. Which can be interesting at times. Not fully sure why I found the need to share that but I did. I have been Soooo busy lately. Between my "8-5" job at the doctors office, my photography, being a mom of two girls and being a wife, I rarely have time to just SIT....sad thing...I LOVE IT! I have become more and more confident with each session. I have found that the past few sessions, I just shoot. I dont even think about what I am doing, its becoming almost second nature. I feel most at ease and comfortable when taking pictures, it has become a true outlet for me. I've started saving money from my sessions to upgrade. Its going to take awhile but I WILL own the D300 or D700.

With all this being said, since I have been BUSY AS A BEE, I have been neglecting my blogs. from my recent session will follow......

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